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Heart of the City

Rauf, who is working as a cook on cargo ships, adopts and raises Ali who witnessed his mother’s death when he was 5 years old. They work on ships for 24 years together. Rauf was both mother and father to Ali and has devoted his life to Ali to help him forget the trauma he had endured. With the support of Rauf, whom he calls “Mother”, Ali gets maritime training. He forgets that he is an orphan, thanks to Rauf’s affection. When he is twenty eight years old, he is a handsome, mature and social sailor who can speak five languages. Derin, who is the daughter of ship-owner Tekin Mirkelamoğlu, is on the verge of important decisions regarding her life. As she comes closer to the happy ending with her fiancée Yiğit, for some reason she becomes unhappy. As the ship which carries Ali is docking, Derin wakes up with a different dream in that morning, but she is not aware that her

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